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About the story
What’s with this “Wren” thing?
   The oldest extant version of the fable we are presenting here appeared in 1913 in the first volume of a two-volume anthology of Low Saxon folktales (Plattdeutsche Volksmärchen “Low German Folktales”) collected by Wilhelm Wisser (1843–1935). Read more ...

Ozee Tilp

Listen to the narration of this version:

[Download mp3]

Translation and Narration: Daniel and Norman Foster

Location: Ypsilanti, Michigan, and Honolulu, Hawai‘i, USA

Language information: [Click]Click here for different versions. >

De Ozee Aby

Detel jogvin ja ozee aby wan prodrl efex abyrufa im ja oglakrufa. Ef worcl ekor nem efex fefninaby lin elabymi. Detel ja bugh ef lin efex fefninaby oglel oim lo gimb obood abyhog lo thrak bisbosex elabymi, plorfel de zordnworkid jogami nar nem de bisbosmem.

Oru ja vin tavael ruk de gorgaby lo de rufa.

“Orgska drev odah?” ef vznirl. “Ska drevel oboodah? Bibiz elabymi yo obhormid, prox lo de zork!”

“Gorgaby!” bisbos tilpel, “ja bronto hormritter narforom tavael odah. Ef zeetraw hormid! Ef drakyoel im de abyrufa nem efex obyoakami! Te prox zorkhormidel de bubuz!”

“Buz cuv,” ef tilpel, “Orgliska ef oglel?”

“Ef oglel ekor.”

“Bibiz elabymi spet odah,” tilpel de gorgaby, “buz le ogl lunt ef ja gomvin orkus ef nin le boodvin blaba! Nin hapa hormid, elabymi. Buz le grun boogy ef!” Tav ef oglel jeetl lo gimb de hormritter.

Ef memdinel de loik lin yoel ja obmarnogmowr gbeen narjog, eno ef nin hormidel. Ef abretl oboan de obmarnogmowrex ruk lin zordnl tilp obleevikid lo ef. “Omska biz bik biz par tava lo buzex abyrufa lin obhormid buzex elabymi prox lo de zork?!”

Eno de obmarnogmowr nin mochel lo leev de ozee aby, nar gbeenel zar.

Ek eldrakel zar de ozee aby, lin ef tilpel obleevikid lo de obmarnogmowr. “Biz nin hapa bood oman lo tava lo buzex abyrufa, lin mis biz tava ruk,” ef tilpel, “biz le grun hapa obpaloopy prox! Buz nin moch lo hapa boogymoch,” ef tilpel, lin ef plakel efex root vigl im de gil, “eno buz le grun boogy bizex ruk gromrom!”

Oru tilp ek, ef abl ruk lo de abyrufa.

“Nin det bood oman lo hapa hormid rom, elabymi,” ef tilpel, “buz luntel ef ja pel gomvin. Ef nin le boodvin tava ruk!”

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