Of Things Wraithlike and Most Uncanny: Lowlands-L’s Crypt
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Of Things Wraithlike and Most Uncanny: Lowlands-L’s Crypt


The Bloody X-Ray Job
The Ferranti Spectre
That Damned House
The Blackout Ghost
The Neep Lantern
The Eerie House
He Woke
Moaning on the Moor
Dat klaagt in’t moor
De reus van Börk
Grote Harold van Börk


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Step on in, my pretties ...

                             ... if you dare!

TA Pirate’s Ghost from Howard Pyle’s Book of Pirateshe initial focus of Lowlands-L was language—similarities and differences among the North Sea Germanic languages and their offshoots. However, pretty much at the outset it was apparent that language is inseparable from culture—“culture” in the most general sense of the word. This is why we broadened the official focus accordingly.

Once in a while during the following fourteen-odd years of Lowlands-L activities, tales, poems and folk beliefs dealing with the supernatural made their way into our discussions and on-line presentations. The frequency of this tends to increase during the dark months in the Northern Hemisphere, especially as days become shorter and we approach Halloween.

This year we decided to invite Lowlanders and visitors to submit such material and to display it in an on-line gallery. And here we are with a modest beginning in time for Halloween 2009! Some of the works displayed here are found in our other presentations as well; others are unique to this one.

As is well known all around the world, Britain and Ireland abound with tales of haunting and of other types of supernatural events and beings, and similar traditions exist wherever else in the world Irish and British people settled in large numbers. Less is known internationally about such traditions in the Continental Lowlands of Europe, in places in which Frisian, Dutch, Limburgish, Cleves Low Frankish and Low Saxon (“Low German”) are the traditional languages, and among the Afrikaans-speaking people of South Africa.

You are welcome to send us comments and/or to contribute to this collection (with a focus on the Lowlands). If you do, please write to us under the subject line “LL-L Supernatural” at lowlands.list(a)gmail.com (replacing (a) with @). And please provide your name (or write “Anonymous”) and also your town and country.

Thanks, and have a scary time browsing, reading and sharing!

Reinhard “Ron” F. Hahn
Co-Founder & Chief Editor,
, September 6, 2009

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