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Ameland Tour
The Abbotts
Belgian Fries
Berney Arms
East Frisian Tea
Gilmerton Cove
Heath Honey
Heath Torte
Holyrood Sundial
Kiekeberg Museum
Land Hadeln
North German Fish
Papeloze kerk
Pfaffenlose Kirche
Priestless Church
St. Jacob’s Path
Van Harinxa Canal
Western Australia

Works Wanted

Please send your travel tip submissions to lowlands.list @ gmail.com under the subject line “LL-L Travel Tip”. Please provide your name, city/town/village and country along with your submission. Thank you very much.Not only members of Lowlands-L but anyone may submit travel tips and descriptions for inclusion here. Those who do so are welcome to add a few words about themselves. By submitting material they give us permission to share them here.

Please feel free to recommend specific shops, restaurants, pubs, hotels, brands of food, souvenirs or clothing, etc. But please no actual commercial advertising!

We will also gratefully consider including pictures as long as they are of acceptable quality and there are no copyright issues.

We will publish the names and places (but not addresses) of all contributors, but we will consider using pseudonyms Our “Lowlands”: The Netherlands, Belgium, French Flanders, Northern Germany, the British Isles, former Hanseatic settlements, and all other places that have been influences by the above.(pen names) as long as we know the real names (which we will keep confidential).

We welcome travel tips and descriptions in any language. However, we would prefer to have at least a summary in English of each as well, and we are willing to help with that.

We are particularly interested in places that are off the beaten path (meaning “rarely visited by tourists”) and are never or rarely mentioned in guide books.

Here are some ideas for types of material:

•  Places and regions described generally

•  Recommended sites and activities

•  Traditional language and culture—where to encounter them

•  Lists of place-specific words and phrases

•  Communication tips

•  Customs and folklore

•  Traditional architecture

•  Traditional costumes

•  Museums and galleries

•  Historic sites and their backgrounds

•  Supposedly haunted and otherwise creepy places

•  Gardens and parks

•  Nature preserves

•  Wildlife watching

•  Organized tours

•  Theme tours

•  Historic trails

•  Travel routes

•  Modes of transport

•  Hikes and walking tours

•  Bicycle routes and tours

•  Accommodation options

•  Staying with locals

•  Child-friendly places

•  Handicapped-friendly places

•  Gay-friendly places

•  Bicycle-friendly places

•  Expatriates’ enclaves and meeting places

•  Spirituality

•  Etiquette and laws

•  Shopping

•  Festivals, fairs and fun

•  Music and dance

•  Sports

•  Food and drink

•  Weather

•  What to pack and what to leave at home

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