Of Things Wraithlike and Most Uncanny: Lowlands-L’s Crypt
Of Things Wraithlike and Most Uncanny: Lowlands-L’s Crypt


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The Bloody X-Ray Job

by Thomas Mc Rae

My old mate Jim Gilmour is now well into his nineties and quite senile, alas. But in his heyday he ran a successful sheep property in Western Queensland. He told me many fascinating tales about his days as a grazier including the following which he swore was the truth.

He owned a huge property and when his fencing required repairs at one stage he employed a local Indigenous Australian to do maintenance. He did a great job then, was required to do a final stage of the work on a very remote portion of the area. There was a very old hut there in good condition in which he could stay, and a nearby creek supplied water.

Jim would routinely drive out to the site to keep him supplied with provisions and other comforts. After a few weeks he turned up and the bloke said, “Gilmour, I’m outta here right now. There’s a bloke wot comes at night and he’s a bloody X Ray Job.” Jim asked him to explain and he recounted how a man would appear near the hut each night, never said anything, but he could see right through him.

Even a boost in wages failed to persuade him to stay. So eventually Jim drove back over to complete the task himself. While he saw nothing out of the ordinary he felt something or somebody was watching him when darkness fell. Having finished the repairs he got out with relief.

On checking the history of the hut he was informed that many years before a horse trader had stayed at the town hotel and had flashed a great wad of banknotes around after he’d had a few to drink. Proceeding on his way he camped out in the old hut, but a local man had tracked him, bashed his head in with an axe, and stole the money. Indigenous bush trackers helped the police to catch the culprit who ended on the gallows.

Was the victim The Bloody X Ray Job?


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