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Lowlanders at Large

Many members of Lowlands-L run their own web pages or blogs that they enjoy sharing with relatives, friends and the rest of the world. A good number of them have printed or recorded publications to their names, as researchers, educators, writers, journalists, performers, artists, craftspeople or activists. Others are eager to refer people to the websites or other types of publications of organizations to which they belong.

This presentation is a catalog of Lowlands-L members and their or their organizations’ publications, including both those that are relevant to the Lowlands-L interest focus and those that are without any relevance to it. This is an opportunity for our members to share parts of their lives outside Lowlands-L and an opportunity for the rest of us to get to know them and their pursuits and passions better.

If you are a member of Lowlands-L you know how to get in touch with me to start your own entry in this catalog.

Reinhard (“Ron”) F. Hahn
Co-Founder & Chief Editor, Lowlands-L

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