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Zealandic (Zeêuws, including Western Flemish [Westvlams])

  • Aksjuh Commiethee tur Bevordring van 't West Vlams (Action Committee for the Promotion of West-Flemish; loads of information and texts in West Flemish - including a spelling system for the language)

  • Belgian languages and dialects (impressive site about Dutch, French, German, Luxemburgish (Lëtzebuergesh) and Yiddish as used in Belgium, so including West and French Flemish)

  • Background info (brief information about Zeelandic in general, the ‘renaissance’ of the language and the situation in West and French Flanders)

  • Bolussen (thé regional treat from Zeeland - order them on-line and get them delivered within 24 hours!)

  • Bruus (Bruus is the language of Bru [Bruinisse], a village of fishermen on the former isle of Duiveland)

  • De Vrije Domburger (an impressive site dedicated to the infamous seaside resort of Domburg - includes an mp3-file with 28 seconds of Domburgs, a dialect of Zeelandic)

  • Du Driefstang (most texts of this hardcore rock band are in Zeelandic)

  • Dunkirk carnaval (Flemish died out in Dunkirk earlier this century - though it can still be heard in some outskirts of the city. But the local French has loads of Flemish loans; these can also be heard in the songs that are sung at the famous Dunkirk carnival)

  • NEW! Erkenning van het Zeeuws als regionale taal [Recognition of Zeelandic as a Regional Language] (part of the Stichting Cultureel Erfgoed Zeeland site below)

  • Le carnaval de Dunkerque (carnival in Dunkirk! -- an impressive list of words from the half French, half Flemish, half parler dunkerquois)

  • French Flanders (a highschool from Poperinge, Belgium, participated in a project about regional language and crossed the border to France - at this site you’ll find information about the language in French Flanders, interviews with a poet, a musician and the producer of a theatrical company; all interviews come with audiofiles)

  • La maison du Néerlandais de Bailleul (the local ‘Holland House’ of this French border town; not much attention to the regional language though)

  • Maillieste (an e-mail list that regularly sends texts in Zeelandic to subscribers)

  • Michiel de Swaen Kring (a cultural organization in French Flanders named after a well-known Dutch 17th century poet from Dunkirk)

  • n8chtwerk (the most popular Zeelandic rock band, formerly known as Surrender)

  • De nieuwe Winkler - 81 dialectvertalingen vvan de gelijkenis van de verloren zoon [The New Winkler: 81 dialect translations of the Parable of the Prodigal Son] (the same biblical text in Dutch, Frisian, Limburgish, Low Saxon, and Zeelandic - in Dutch and English)

  • Noe (the only magazine in Zeelandic - poems, short-stories and articles from every issue since the start of the magazine in 1998 can be found on-line)

  • Peter Dieleman (one of the most popular Zeelandic artists, often referred to as ‘Zeelandic troubadour’)

  • Pier Boudens (poems in Zeelandic from the early 1900s from one of the lesser known writers)

  • Provinciale Zeeuwse Courant (a.k.a. PZC; this regional Zeeland newspaper has an on-line archive - all articles in the streektaal (regional language)- series on Zeelandic are included)

  • Recognition (the text of the report that is sent to the Netherlands government to convince it that Zeelandic deserves official recognition as a regional language)

  • Reuzekoor (a choir from Dunkirk that performs traditional Flemish songs, but they also issue a magazine with texts in French Flemish - they also published a course de flamand of which a few lessons can be found on-line)

  • Schoolproject (some 20 highschools from West Flanders participated in this project about dialects and regional languages - every school presented their findings on internet; all sites can be found on this map)

  • Schriefwiezer (an othography for dialects of Zeelandic as it is used in most publications in Zeelandic)

  • Stichting Cultureel Erfgoed Zeeland (SCEZ) [Zeeland Cultural Heritage Foundation] (in Dutch -- )

  • Wilde Mossels (the homepage of an award-winning movie, predominantly shot in Zeelandic and issued throughout The Netherlands and Flanders late 2000 - watch and listen to the trailer and see what the director has to say about Zeelandic)

  • Woordenboek van de Vlaamse Dialecten (Dictionary of Flemish Dialects, a project of the University of Ghent)

  • Zeeuws - offline materiaal [Zeelandic: Offline material (a bibliography compiled by Mathieu van Woerkom)

  • Zeeuwsche Vereeniging voor Dialectonderzoek (homepage of this well-established dialect society - makers of the Zeelandic dictionary ‘Woordenboek der Zeeuwse Dialecten’ and the cd-rom version of that dictionary that contains more than 2000 spoken words, expressions and sentences)

  • Zeêuwse streektaelmuziek (all artists who perform in Zeelandic are listed here - includes pictures and some soundfiles))

  • Zeêuwse woorden (a collection of words in Zeelandic)

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